"THE MAKING OF"                                                                         CHARACTER PROFILES


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TOM BANKS                                Male                Age: 18-30                Lines: 225        Main Lead

Protagonist. He is the producer/director of Superhero Complex. Nice guy, motivated, but inexperienced. Down-to-earth, sincere, charismatic. Inspired and inspiring. Full of energy and a deep breath of life! He's very excited about getting the opportunity to pursue his dream! As more and more hurdles are thrown in his way, he does his best to remain calm. Hints of sarcasm and cynicism pop up here and there, until eventually he loses his cool.



JOHN McCLOWSKI                Male                Age: 24-50                Lines: 89                Lead

John is a method actor, always in full “McClowski mode”= a cranky, pessimistic, shoot-first, hardcore narcotics officer. He never breaks character, and never reveals his real name. His nemesis in Superhero Complex is the villain Tormento, played by pro actor Mathew. John constantly intimidates Mathew on and off the set.


OLIVER                                 Male                Age: 30-60                Lines: 32                Lead

The cinematographer/camera operator, and one of the only crew members with any experience and clout. A nice guy, but kinda stuffy. He has a large ego until it's discovered he's a fraud with no experience or clout at all. After that, he's a suck up, very eager to please. He scurries about in fear of getting fired.


MATHEW                                Male                Age: 18-30                Lines: 32                Lead

A talented, professional actor. Very friendly, always on time, a one-take star. He plays Tormento, the villain in Superhero Complex. He does his best to remain calm and collected during John's hostility towards him.


JEFF                                        Male                Age: 18-24                Lines: 33                Lead

An introverted prankster who had his role handed to him by the executive producer against his (and Tom's) will. Takes pleasure in the suffering and annoyance of others. Very inexperienced as an actor, and can't perform well during comedic scenes in Superhero Complex, but as soon as the genre changes to drama, he clicks with it and excels.

He plays Justice Man, the beefy class-A hero in Superhero Complex. Ironically, Jeff is not muscular at all (or tall, or old enough).


MEGAN RIKER                        Female        Age: 30-45                Lines: 35                Lead

She's the 1st assistant director and the boom operator. An ex drill-sergeant and a real hardass. She's half deaf and yells constantly. While she comes off as a total asshole, she's very dedicated to the project and efficient in keeping it professional.


BETI                                        Female        Age: 50-70                Lines: 35                Lead

A egomaniac narcissistic veteran stage actress. So entrenched in her ways she refuses to take direction of any kind, and often tries to direct other actors herself. Very melodramatic, always overacting. She plays Feminista in Superhero Complex.


KELLY                                 Female        Age: 18-30                Lines: 15                Lead

A friendly, optimistic new-age hippie. Tea/tree/yoga lover. A firm believer in reducing stress with breathing exercises. She plays Victory Girl in Superhero Complex. She was trained only in comedy; after the genre change, she can't keep a straight face and is forced to quit.


GAELON                                Male                Age: 20-30                Lines: 25        Supporting

The editor/composer of Superhero Complex. Very talented and creative, but immature and irresponsible. The type to crack jokes at inappropriate moments.


UNCLE MARV                        Male                Age: 40-60                Lines: 24        Supporting

Tom's uncle (and Jeff's father), the single source of financing for Superhero Complex. A hyper-frugal, know-it-all control freak that keeps cutting the budget. While he has the best intentions, his actions end up crippling the movie.


SARAH                                Female        Age: 18-30                Lines: 14        Supporting

Tom's girlfriend, and the documentarian behind The Making Of video. She's slightly sarcastic and cynical. Sharp and witty, but not very warm.


SANDOR                                Male                Age: 25-55                Lines: 15        Supporting

The writer of Superhero Complex. He's sensitive and soft-spoken, but defends his beliefs and opinions firmly. Very eccentric.


GLORIA                                Female        Age: 28-55                Lines: 8        Speaking

The casting director. Very eager to please.


DENTIST 1                                Male                Age: 40-60                Lines: 5        Speaking

DENTIST 2                                Male                Age: 40-60                Lines: 4        Speaking

In their scene, the dentists are off the clock, attending Tom's movie pitch, where they may be investing thousands. When Tom accidently insults them, they fume! Prescription glasses and sweaters are encouraged.


FRED                                        Male                Age: 40-60                Lines: 5        Speaking

Fred is an “overactor”. He auditions for the role of John McClowski, and reads the same lines the same way every time.

STEVE                                Male                Age: 40-60                Lines: 6        Speaking

Another “overactor” trying out for the part of Justice Man. He uses a heroic “Dudley Do Right” impression.


ELAINE                                Female        Age: 40-60                Lines: 1        Speaking



STUDENT 1                                Male                Age: 18-30                Lines: 1        Speaking

Very enthusiastic.


STUDENT 2                                 Female        Age: 18-30                Lines: 1        Speaking

Calm. Bored.

STUDENT 3                                M/F                Age: 18-30                Lines: 1        Speaking



POET 1                                Female        Age: 30-50                Lines:         1        Speaking



POET 2                                Male                Age: 18-30                Lines: 1        Speaking

Hardcore protesting liberal rebel.


POET 3                                Male                Age: 18-30                Lines: 1        Speaking

Snobby beatnik.


BICYCLIST                                Male                Age: 18-35                Lines: 2        Speaking

An innocent biker, upset and bewildered at the barrage of insults and threats John McClowski throws upon him.


SENSEI WES LEE                        Male                Age: 18-35                Lines: 1        Speaking

A self-made martial arts expert and creator of “Kong Fu”- the true monkey fighting style. A disciplined artist, dedicated to his craft.
NOTE: Martial arts training NOT required.


EXEC                                        Male                Age: 28-40                Lines: 3        Speaking

The acquisitions exec, very excited at the chance to become the real hero of the movie... by buying it. This guy really hams it up.


ELDERLY WOMAN                        Female        Age: Any                Lines: 0        Extra

Could be anyone in a wig and old clothes. Lie down and writhe a little.


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